2015 Sprout Companies



AgriTrack recognise that large-scale row crop farmers face a range of logistical challenges during harvest time. So they've developed a product which is already used by over 30 farmers in Western Australia.

W| www.agritrack.com.au
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Agtract is developing a software system to make agricultural contractors lives more efficient by automating the business management tasks that take time away from a contractor’s workday. 

W| www.agrtract.com
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Bee'z Thingz

Bee’z Thingz is using Internet of Things technology to develop products for Apiary Managers and Beekeepers to remotely monitor the yield and health of their beehives, straight from their smart device.

W| www.beezthingz.co.nz
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DairyMax is a feed budgeting software developed by an expert animal nutritionist. Its algorithm has been developed and refined over eight years and is already being distributed by feed companies in Europe. 

W| www.dairymax.com

Logic Labs

Logic Labs is developing software for advanced crop estimation and orchard management. It's founded by a leading orchard manager from the Bay of Plenty.

Nature Matters Milk Company

Nature Matters Milk Co. has developed a business model that allows small-scale dairy farms to sell directly to trade and consumer channels in local metropolitan populations. 

W| www.naturematters.co.nz
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Sensee is making farm monitoring cost effective for all farmers through an easy to use interface on smart devices. They will enable farmers to plug and play with on farm sensors for everything from water, power, to crop health and animal well being.

W| www.sensee.co.nz
Twitter| Matthew Huck and Richard Hawkes


Shepherd recognises that on-farm health and safety is a growing issue in New Zealand. They've developed an easy to use, farmer focused health and safety app.