2018 Sprout Companies

ABNZ - Scott Massey and Brendon Green


A New Zealand made, high quality collagen powder for the International wound care market.

Location: Auckland
Founders: Scott Massey, Brendon Green

W| www.abnz.org

Acuris Systems - Nick Woon & Matt Warner

Acuris Systems

Self driving vehicles for farmers and growers, which automates the capturing of data and crop analysis in the agriculture and horticulture industries.

Location: Auckland
Founders: Nicholas Woon, Matthew Warner

W| www.acurissystems.co.nz

Untitled design (2).png
Farmote - Richard Barton


Remote pasture and crop monitoring using sensors and software for measurements.

Location: Christchurch
Founders: Richard Barton, Stuart Brown

W| www.farmote.com
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LinkedIn| Farmote Systems

Hectre - Matty Blomfield


Orchard management software & hardware for apple orchardists.

Location: Auckland
Founders: Matty Blomfield, Nico Gabarra

W| www.hectre.com

Holsim - Mike Williams & David Johnson


Augmented reality software for advanced animal husbandry and Veterinary training of animal health professionals.

Location: Hamilton
Founders: Mike Williams, David Johnson

W| www.holsim.co.nz

Micropod - Brian Hin Wai Lai and Jeff Xu


A novel mechanism for growing microgreens at home with no soil required. 

Location: Auckland
Founders: Brian Lai, Jeffrey Xu

W| www.micropod.nz
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Onside - Ryan Higgs and Delphine Decurage


On farm risk management mobile software for farmers to capture and protect what they love about their farm.

Location: Christchurch
Founders: Delphine Ducaruge, Ryan Higgs

W| www.onside.co.nz
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Precision Cultivation.jpg
Striplinks - Paul Linklater

Precision Cultivation

Precision strip tillage machine designed to dramatically increase yield of crops and reduce soil damage during cultivation.

Location: Palmerston North
Founder: Paul Linklater

Shellfish Technology.jpg
Shellfish Technologies - Richard Barnett

Shellfish Technologies

A proprietary, automated shellfish opening machine that increases the value of Shellfish in the market.

Location: Auckland
Founder: Richard Barnett