Accelerator Overview

A new way for agritech start-ups

Sprout is a new business accelerator designed to fund the next generation of agritech start-ups in New Zealand. Sprout has one goal in mind…help entrepreneurs grow global agritech businesses from New Zealand.



Sprout is a five month accelerator for entrepreneurs with the accelerator elements being designed from studying the journeys of successful agritech start-up companies.

Throughout the accelerator the start-ups and entrepreneur's will receive funding, alongside world class mentoring and training from leaders in technology, research and business growth. Companies will receive unparalleled access to the New Zealand and global farming network to validate and grow their businesses.

At the end of the accelerator, start-ups will have an opportunity to pitch to a hand picked group of investors, corporate partners and potential customers to support the continuation of the rapid progress achieved through the Sprout agritech accelerator.


By taking the key learning's from inventors, entrepreneurs, investors and employees in these start-ups, Sprout has designed a world leading accelerator in the agritech sector. 


Key benefits

The key benefits of Sprout over other business growth support approaches are:

  • Advice and guidance from those who understand the business and technologies of the agritech sector

  • Direct access to partners who could add global credibility and distribution for products

  • Access to a network of people with complementary skills that can fill the gaps while you are in the start-up phase  

  • Support from investors who can open doors to big opportunities

  • No requirement to relocate the business

  • The backing of an entire global community that wants to see your business succeed.


How it works

Sprout will accept applications from start-ups around New Zealand. With support from industry leaders, eight companies will be selected to enter the five month agritech accelerator. The eight companies will engage in:

  • Five months of complimentary support from experts and mentors
  • Four sprints focused on key business areas:
    • Each sprint begins with a two day block course.  The eight teams will be flown to different locations around New Zealand to meet with mentors and guest speakers that will support and workshop different areas of the business
    • Following the block course, the Sprout team and mentors will support the completing of key tasks that have been identified through the block courses
  • Agritech Investment Showcase
    • All companies will pitch to a hand picked group of investors, business leaders and industry experts
    • Companies will receive expert training and support as preparation for the showcase.


Start-ups receive

  • Access to a global network of over 100 people and mentors with complementary skills
  • Direct access to partners to build distribution and channels to market
  • Opportunities to validate ideas and products with customer focus groups around New Zealand 
  • Introduction to potential investors in New Zealand and overseas
  • All travel and accommodation cost covered for the block courses
  • Access to grants and cash opportunities for business development
  • Upon completion of the accelerator, an opportunity to pitch for investment to a hand picked group of investors, business leaders and industry experts.