The definition of agritech

We get a lot of questions about 'how do you define agritech?'.  We wanted to be able to define key technology areas that we think could have a massive effect on the way the agri sector works.  We looked around the world, spoke to our global partner network and settled on the following as being key technology areas that Sprout is focused on: 

  • Sensors (precision agriculture) and IoT
  • Automation and robotics
  • Applied analytics and big data
  • Supply chain and logistics software
  • Biotechnology
  • UAVs/Drones - The data, analytics and decision making tools that farmers and growers can utilise
  • Innovative food

If you are working on an idea or product that fits into one of these categories you should definitely get in touch with us for a chat. 

If you are working on something that you feel is more disruptive to the agri-sector and not one of our categories definitely get in touch with Nick:  We would love to hear more about it.