McKinsey & Company; Pursuing the global opportunity in food

As we continue to dig into understanding how startups can make quantum impacts on the value chain of food, we unearth great thinking about this global opportunity.  McKinsey & Company recently published this article discussing key trends and recommendations for those who are planning to invest to pursue this opportunity.  Some trends really validate Sprout's approach to supporting entrepreneurs:

  • Investors and corporates should work together on new opportunities .  At Sprout we are working to bring both Angel investors and corporations together at an early stage to match visionary thinking with solid value chain knowledge
  • Have a global view and realise the importance of emerging markets.  Sprout is building into its DNA a strong theme of taking a global perspective from day one of company founding
  • Understand the entire value chain for food. Sprout is built alongside organisations that are involved in all areas of the value chain, from farming inputs like seeds all the way through to consumer food brands.

Sprouts guiding statement is to 'facilitate and support the creation of new enterprises pursing new technologies and systems that could result in a quantum improvement within the value chain of food production and delivery'.