Leader in agritech innovation gets behind Sprout

The team at Sprout are very excited to be welcoming the support of the team at Gallagher to support the entrepreneurs in the Sprout programme.  

Gallagher is a global leader in innovation and marketing for animal management innovation.   Gallagher exports its products to over 130 countries.   The team at Gallagher are excited to be helping the next generation of agritech entrepreneurs and Sprout is one of many initiatives Gallagher is involved in to encourage innovation within the agricultural sector. 

Entrepreneurs who apply to Sprout will have the benefit of receiving:

  • Access to Gallagher's extensive knowledge in manufacturing
  • Insights and advice on how to market products in international markets
  • The opportunity to have a direct relationship with Gallagher for distribution, manufacturing support and marketing

Get in touch with us to learn more.