New Zealand Incubator Hopes to Jumpstart Agtech Innovation with New Accelerator

When you think of New Zealand and agriculture, you are most likely to think of lush green pastures, efficient milk production, rolling vineyards, sheep, and possibly Lord of the Rings. 

For a country where agriculture is such a dominant sector, it may come as a surprise that there has been little in the way of an agtech startup scene. Until now.

In an effort to take a leadership role in the field of agtech innovation, local business incubator, the  BCC (Building Clever Companies), has launched an agtech accelerator program, Sprout Agritech.

“There has never really been a formalized startup scene in New Zealand,” say James Bell-Booth, Sprout program manager at BCC. “There has been so much focus on commodity products for export, but now things have changed, and more produce is coming into the market from the emerging world, New Zealand growers and producers need to look at how to add value, anywhere in supply chain.”

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