DairyMax - Where are they now

Ane Visser came into the Sprout programme with a programme he’d designed focusing on feed budgeting for the dairy industry.


On completion of the programme the Sprout team worked with Ane to start negotiations with a New Zealand company about becoming a distributor for the programme. The DairyMax software Ane had produced could be integrated into their software as part of their offering to customers.


“It’s been a long, slow process and I’ve had little progress with this company to date. I’m now looking for other companies who might be interested in a distribution agreement,” Ane said.


He’s had other users interested but it’s proving hard to convert into sales.


During more market validation Ane found there was one essential part missing in the software: grazed and stored crops. He’s spent some time adding this to the algorithm over the past few months.


The main challenge the company is facing is trying to get people to see the problem this software is solving. Ane understands he needs to get more users on the product to keep the feedback loop open.


There's also a need for more conversations to be had around alternative paths to market. Ane is really keen to show organisations and customers where DairyMax can fit into their operations.

Now he’s finished a major portion of development he is going to continue to look for partners for the company.