Shepherd - Where are they now?

Ashburton based Steven Bird got selected for the inaugural Sprout programme based on his idea for a Health and Safety App.


The business was shut down at the end of the programme, however, Steven has moved on to become involved in another start-up in his profession - law.


Steven recently made the move back to Auckland to become a Junior Barrister for Michael Heron QC.



Michael has also launched a start-up called Codr - Complete online dispute resolution. This was a major draw card for Steven to apply for the role available with Michael, as his interest in being involved with start-up businesses is still very strong.


The idea of Codr is to help solve and give people access to justice resolutions online.


“The current court system has a lot of barriers people must face to go through the process,” Steven said.


“There is going to be a lot of education required as it’s going to be a real mindset change [for the public] who only know the courts as being the only way to resolve a dispute.”


Codr was what attracted Steven to this organisation.


His practical start-up experience, which he gained through Sprout, was what Michael Heron liked about Steven, not to mention his interest in the justice system. A match made in heaven!


Steven will be doing part time legal work and part time work with the owner on Codr.


He’s also maintained a close working relationship and regular contact with Glen Herud of Nature Matters Milking Co. as the business interests him.