Sprout company testimonials

Before I even knew about the Sprout Accelerator programme my goal was to become a global company and an industry leader. I had some experience running a small business and some idea of the technology that I needed to use to realise my vision but I had absolutely no idea how to grow my business from where it was to where it needed to be.

The lessons learned in the first few conversations with the Sprout team gave me a huge amount of confidence that they knew what it took to grow a successful Agritech business. It was immediately obvious that they had a dynamic team of experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and industry specialists to cover every aspect of the business development process and through the life of the programme I was never let down. What blew me away was the constant dedication from the entire team to growing businesses that make New Zealand more awesome -I love that!

The Sprout programme gave me the resources I needed to build a solid foundation for my business to grow. I have now raised $300,000 in capital, established an exceptional Board of Directors, and documented a clear and effective development plan into a global market.

I would recommend the Sprout Accelerator programme for anyone wanting to take their big Agtech idea to the world -regardless of your current state.I would caution that it takes a lot of courage to be able to evolve with your business and to make the decisions necessary for growth. It has not been easy but it has been rewarding.
— Julian McCurdy, CEO and Managing Director, BuzzTech
The Sprout team are the most extraordinary group of knowledgeable, passionate, well-connected individuals who are driven to see you and your company succeed. From raising capital to patents, marketing and growing global, the course covers it all to help you get off to the best start. Included throughout are real life experiences and market advice from influential agribusiness leaders including Fonterra, Gallagher and LIC - to name a few! We went from a group of entrepreneurs stuck in the idea phase to a company with a product in the marketplace and with a growing customer base. I highly recommend it for any agritech entrepreneur.
— Tayah Ryan, Director, LogicLabs
We would highly recommend Sprout to anyone who is looking at building an agritech start-up. We have progressed further along our journey during our time in Sprout than we ever would have on our own, and with their support and mentoring have been able to build a company that we are extremely proud of. We now have a solid direction, and thanks to the many fantastic contacts and opportunities passed on to us through the Sprout team, a very clear pathway to achieving success.
— Shandy Gibbs, CEO Ceratech