What's Involved?

The Sprout application process is as follows:

  • No cost to apply

  • Register your idea

  • The Sprout team will get in contact to learn more about your team and idea/product

  • Complete the Sprout application form 

  • Sprout applications will be shortlisted by the Sprout team

  • Shortlisted businesses will be invited to present to an independent selection committee made up of industry experts and Sprout investors in Palmerston North

  • Selection committee will select eight companies to participate in the accelerator

  • Sprout will negotiate final terms of investment for the $25,000.

During the Sprout accelerator the selected start-ups will be involved in the following:

  • One hour per week with the Sprout team to track progress against individual goals

  • One-two hours per week of advice/input from the Sprout mentor and expert network

  • Attendance at four two day block courses held in different locations around New Zealand.  At the block course you will workshop key areas of your business with experts and mentors

  • Pitching and more pitching: Refining your pitch and story to customers, investors and partners is essential to winning support for your value proposition

  • Collaboration and development of the documentation of the business plan and business model including but not limited to:

    • 3-5 year cash flows

    • Information memorandums for investors

    • Short form information memorandum for investors

    • Investment pitch

  • Ability to take five to ten individual days away during the accelerator period to travel for specific meetings or business development activities

  • Up to 10 hours per week of Sprout specific work, including:

o   Engaging with customers both in New Zealand and overseas

o   Working with the Sprout team

o   Researching the market

o   Preparing presentations – both digital and verbal

o   Working with numbers

o   Validating assumptions through conversations with various business stakeholders

o   Solving problems

o   Knowledge building and reading.