$40M available to grow AgTech & FoodTech companies

Sprout companies have been solving the world's most important problems since 2015. We have a range of AgTech and FoodTech companies who've been unleashed into the world since completing the Accelerator and after raising seed-stage capital from us.

We have ~$40m available to invest in the best AgTech and FoodTech companies New Zealand has to offer. We are always searching for companies who are going to leave their tapuwae (footprints) on the sustainability of the planet.

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Investment Portfolio

Scentian Bio

A device which mimics insect odourant receptors for the flavour and fragrance market.

w: www.scentianbio.com

Next Investment

Soon to be announced

Accelerator Alumni

Leave your footprints (tapuwae) on the future health of the planet and its people - just like our Alumni.

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