Sprout Team

The Sprout team is made up of experienced business and R&D personal, all with strong experience within the agritech sector and are supported by the wider BCC team. Also supporting the management team is a advisory group that includes experienced entrepreneurs, business owners and investors with interests in all areas of agritech, from irrigation research to food production and supply chain.

Dean Tilyard

Dean is the CEO of BCC.  Dean has been involved in early stage agritech companies for the last 12 years.  Dean brings two fantastic fields of expertise to Sprout; deep understanding of Angel investment and capital raising, and 12 years commercialising agritech technologies.

CheLsea Millar

One thing Chelsea knows really well is talking and listening to the farming community. Chelsea joins the Sprout team from AgriHQ and FMG, where she has excelled in all areas of marketing from field sales to social media communications. She is the founder and CEO of Grass Roots Media NZ.

stu bradbury

Stu is the Founder of 'Where's my Cows' and Precision Irrigation (acquired by Lindsay Corporation USA) and Managing Director of Agrioptics North Ltd. Stu has extensive experience in commercialising products and services in the agricultural sector and has developed strong exit planning skills.

james bell-booth

James’ journey has gone from working on the production line for the family agriculture business, to selling software to the world’s largest and most advanced technology companies.  James' skill set is in the growth phase of businesses and the interplay between sales and marketing in those formative years of a company.

Karin Schofield.jpg

stephen mcphail

Stephen is the resident mathematician and investment specialist.  Stephen has covered the spectrum of capital raising from angel investment to IPOs.  Stephen grew up in Southland and farming continues to run deep through the blood.



Karin Schofield

Karin is grounded in science, having researched, managed, protected and commercialised it in NZ and the UK, both in Universities and the private industry. She currently works at AgResearch Ltd where she manages commercial clients and science/industry interactions.

Jonathan Good

Jonathan founded Y-Combinator backed 1000memories which raised 3 rounds of funding before being acquired by Ancestry.com. Since then Jonathan has brought his passion for agritech to life as CTO/COO at T&G Global and Fonterra,  where he led critical parts of strategy and farmer experience. 

Jonathan Good.jpg

Advisory Group

The Sprout Advisory Group is made up of a diverse range of successful entrepreneurs, investors, industry thought leaders and stakeholders.  Their mandate is to assist the Sprout team in defining strategy for the Sprout programme.