Accelerator Key Dates

Autumn 24

Applications close 30 Jan 2024
Selection Pitches 29 Feb & 1 Mar
Cohort announcement 20 Mar
Commencement date 25 Mar
Underground One 12 & 13 Apr
Underground Two 10 & 11 May
Sprout Showcase 5 June
Accelerator concludes 7 June

Spring 24

Applications close 9 July 2024
Selection Pitches 8 & 9 Aug
Cohort announcement 28 Aug
Commencement date 2 Sept
Underground One 20 & 21 Sept
Underground Two 18 & 19 Oct
Sprout Showcase 13 Nov
Accelerator concludes 15 Nov

How the Accelerator works

Build your business with us

Are you hungry for growth? Sick of having people who don't 'get it' rain on your parade? If you're an AgTech and FoodTech entrepreneur or company, or a scientist wishing to turn your IP into a scalable business then our Accelerator is for you.

WARNING: We are not a course or a programme! Our offering is a fast-paced, dynamic, educational Accelerator designed to help you strengthen your value proposition so your product becomes a no-brainer for customers and investors a like. 

Here's our eligibility criteria. It's pretty straight-forward:

  • Entrepreneurs & scientists developing new businesses and/or ideas that have a prototype or proof of concept of their product

  • Existing start-ups that are in early stages of growth ~ revenue <$1m

  • A team of at least two is recommended to help pollinate your idea

  • You can apply from anywhere in the world (but International companies must have a value proposition for the NZ market to be considered.) 

Traits we're looking for:

  • Willing to learn and take advice

  • Good communication skills

  • Great listeners

  • Ability to work at speed

  • Strong team work skills

Want to understand if your business or idea fits our definition of AgTech and/or FoodTech? You can view the sectors and technology categories we consider eligible here.

Have we wet your appetite enough? Then register here.

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our team.

Our commitment to you

A true partnership

Our Accelerator is not a course or a programme and the content is far from that delivered in a stuffy lecture room when your body would rather be taking a nap. You're expected to adapt, be dynamic, get into the groove of a real-work business environment and take up the challenge our experts and mentors lay down for you.

During the Accelerator, your company will be involved in the following:

  • Up to a one-hour call per week with your Sprout business advisors, to track progress against your milestones

  • Attendance at two fast paced Sprout Undergrounds to workshop key areas of your business with experts and mentors

  • Refine your pitch and story to customers, investors and partners, so you win support for your value proposition.

Expect to have high expectations placed on you by people who have successfully started, run and exited businesses. We accept nothing less.

Key Benefits

What will you get out of the Accelerator?

The key benefits of our Accelerator over other business growth services are:

  • No requirement to relocate your business - we know you've perfected this remote working thing!

  • A tonne of support to prioritise activities which is going to maximise the valuation of your company, so you're even more attractive to investors.

  • Advice from a global network of inspirational people who understand the AgTech and FoodTech sectors.

  • You'll learn and be supported on how to scale your product for global markets.

  • Help identifying ‘A’ players for your business - team is everything.

  • A network of customers around NZ and internationally who can validate your ideas and products.

  • We've got $1m of Sprout investment you can pitch for - how strong's that value proposition?

  • A chance to network with Sprout alumni so you can share lessons, ask questions and challenge them on their value proposition.

Leave your footprints (tapuwae) on the future health of the planet and its people.

Are you up for the challenge?