Meet the Founders: Terrasync

Introducing Thomas Holdom and Tommy Mahon, co-founders of Terrasync, a groundbreaking Sprout Accelerator Autumn24 venture revolutionising soil testing in agriculture. 

Traditional lab testing for essential soil nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium can be time-consuming, delaying crucial soil adjustments for farmers. What if real-time, lab-grade data were available instantly, empowering farmers to optimise their soil on the spot?

Enter Terrasync. 

Spearheading the next wave of data collection systems for farms using advanced machine learning technology, Terrasync leverages non-selective electrode sensors enhanced with machine learning algorithms. Consequently, they deliver accurate and timely data on nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and pH directly to farmers' fingertips. 

Born from Thomas and Tommy's firsthand experiences in Tauranga kiwifruit orchards, their innovation aims to bridge the gap between fertilisation and yield prediction, eliminating the need for constant soil testing.

Both men are final year students at Auckland University with work experience at Deloitte. Thomas studies computer science and commerce with experience in cyber security and cloud and machine learning engineering. Tommy is about to finish his finance studies with experience in workforce transformation technologies. 

With the support of Sprout Accelerator, they're navigating the path from concept to market, guided by a commitment to empower farmers and drive sustainable agricultural practices forward. 

Terrasync is leaning into Sprout Accelerator to help with direction, market validation, finding customers and thinking outside the box. 

"We've had indications from people who have spoken to us that they would like our product, but there's a difference between 'I would like this' and, 'I'll pay for this'. We hope Sprout can help us determine how to proceed from here."

Their next major step involves designing and implementing the hardware solution that will integrate with the software they have already developed. To make this a reality, they understand the need to onboard additional founders and recruit labour to develop the required hardware.

Originally tailored for kiwifruit farming, Terrasync's research revealed a greater fit for dairy farming, underscoring the versatility and potential impact of their technology. With a vision to transform the scale of agriculture and usher in a new era of data-driven decision-making, Thomas and Tommy are determined to disrupt the industry's status quo.

Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of Peter Beck from RocketLab, the Terrasync team shares, "He started in the shed in the middle of South Island, and then suddenly, he's launching rockets to the moon. He showed us there are no limits to what can be done. Despite being thousands of kilometres from Silicon Valley, there is still this technology Hub here."

Terrasync is not just about soil testing; it's about empowering farmers with real-time insights to drive meaningful change in the future of their crop. From orchards to dairy farms, Terrasync is redefining what's possible in agriculture, one field at a time.

About Sprout: Sprout Agritech LP is an early-stage investor specialising in transformational technologies that impact how life on Earth is nourished and sustained. Through the Sprout Accelerator, they have helped grow more than 110 early-stage ventures within the agri and food industries, which have collectively gone on to raise over $60m in capital.