Tim Cutfield

Head of Partnerships and Portfolio

Tim has an extensive background spanning various sectors of the primary industry. His expertise encompasses dry stock, viticulture, kiwifruit, avocados, and dairy. Educationally, Tim holds a BSc from Canterbury University, a PG Dip. in Viticulture from Lincoln University, and an MBA from Macquarie University. 

Tim's entrepreneurial spirit led him to lead the operations of an orchard farm mapping business; playing a pivotal role in deploying a rural IoT network and focusing on collaborative innovation, fostering joint ventures between major players like Fonterra and LIC. He is also a leader of the AgriTechNZ Baselining Primary Sector Digital Adoption project, which is a large-scale longitudinal research endeavour. 

Tim's passion for exploring global agricultural innovations took him to agri-focused hubs in the US, UK, Israel, and Ireland, allowing him to gain valuable insights into emerging trends and technologies with a focus on deep tech and clean tech influences on the bioeconomy.