Meet the Founders - Aimer Development

Imagine having the potential to earn an extra $500 per hectare just by using artificial intelligence. This is what Jeremy Bryant, founder of Aimer Development, estimates the gain could be for farmers by using AI. 

Aimer Development is one of the start-ups taking part in our three-month Sprout 2022 Accelerator in the Cohort VIII intake. Jeremy and his wife Michelle make up the duo behind the company building the first artificial general intelligence for farming. Jeremy is no stranger to utilising data to help farmers with a lengthy background in farm systems, data science, and IT.

"What we're building, it's a digital assistant. Think of something like Siri, it's the dairy farming equivalent of that, but it's also doing wider thinking and logic."

During his career, Jeremy noted that a lot of the tools that farmers use are very much about looking at a screen and not very interactive.

“I wanted to have that human-machine interaction where you could question, interact and get answers.”

During the course of his market research, he was astounded by the amount of opportunity there is for farmers to improve their bottom line through technology like this.

"The difference between using imperfect and perfect knowledge on pasture management is around $500 per hectare that farmers can grab by changing some simple things."

The biggest aspiration for Aimer Development is for their technology to be in the hands of every farmer.

"It’s not just the collection of data, it's how that data is presented and utilised after the fact. Historically farmers have used technology that wasn’t built for or with them, so they have these preconceived ideas about technology. What we are doing is specifically for farmers that can run in the background and get the benefit from while they are going about their business.”

10-months into their business journey, Jeremy said that they are excited to get the final product finished and into the hands of farmers to begin the next stage of the process and start a feedback loop between developer and farmer that will further refine the product.

“At the start of this and even now, it’s been a big balancing act. I’m still consulting three days a week, so it's about making sure I’m giving this business the time it needs to grow. Self-funding brings its own challenges as well.”

As an entrepreneur, Jeremy has found it essential to have top-notch subject matter knowledge and have a robust understanding of the market he’s entering into.

“You have to be able to relate to your customers and speak their lingo if you want to be believable. So you either have to have experience in it or immerse yourself in it. That’s my biggest piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, know the market and know it well.”

While Jeremy definitely knows his market well, like all entrepreneurs, he’s not excluded from feelings of doubt but deals with those feelings constructively.

“Getting validation that there is something in your idea can go a long way. It’s easy when you work in isolation to start second-guessing yourself.”

This is where being part of the Sprout Accelerator has been helpful for Jeremy—making connections and having conversations that will springboard him into the next stages of getting Aimer Development off the ground and into the hands of every farmer.

“Navigating the capital raising and building a team and generally graduating to a larger organisation are the next steps, and it’s been invaluable to be working alongside Sprout in this part of the journey.”  

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