Trailblazing Innovations Run Deep in the Sprout Accelerator Autumn24 Cohort

Introducing the Sprout Accelerator Autumn24 Cohort. Sprout is proud to announce an exciting group of founders, who are collectively forging new paths to revolutionise the agri and food value chains.

Themes such as novel food technologies, sector-disrupting autonomous solutions, and animal health innovations enamouring pet lovers everywhere emerge as we introduce our newest cohort. The selection process for this cohort was one of the toughest yet, reflecting both the cutting-edge technologies presented and the high calibre of the people and teams involved.

Chelsea Hirst, Sprout Accelerator Manager, emphasises, "Each time we go through the selection process for the Sprout Accelerator we see a lift in the quality of projects and ventures, and this time was no exception. We received applications from incredible founders tackling real problems in the agri and food industries with impressive innovations - and 12 of those ventures have been selected to participate in our upcoming Autumn24 Cohort. We’re looking forward to getting another accelerator underway with inspiring founders who are looking to make an impact not only in New Zealand but beyond!"

Sprout Accelerator participants are surrounded by a wealth of industry knowledge and are provided opportunities to engage with first-class industry mentors, advisors and experts to gather valuable insights and to define their current and future challenges. Through weekly online sessions and two in-person Underground events, founders learn to refine and articulate their value proposition alongside developing and practising their pitch. Finishing with an online Showcase, the Sprout Accelerator opens the door to opportunities and connections with Sprout's extensive network of partners and investors, where each venture can seek potential partnerships, industry contacts, or investment opportunities.

Join us in congratulating our Autumn24 Cohort. We can’t wait to work alongside them as they embark on the Sprout Accelerator and witness their solutions shaping the agri and food industries globally. 🚀🌾🌱