Meet the Founder - Borage & Bee

September 21, 2021
“It’s incredible to see this drink, which has been around for so many years, be made relevant and cool again. Updated to suit the 21st-century consumer”.  Meet Chanelle O’Sullivan, founder of boutique meadery Borage and Bee, whose collection of session meads tel...
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“Kiwis are becoming more conscious about the way they eat and how their lifestyle impacts the environment around them; especially with growing awareness on climate change, sustainability, and the effects of biodiversity - not only on our health but also on animals and the ...
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Meet the Founders: Vince

April 27, 2021
Meet Debbie and Nigel Stowe, co-founders of Olive and Ash and their consumer product, Vince - one of the companies in our 2021 Cohort A.  Serial entrepreneurs, the team met at University where Nigel was earning his degree in business management, and Deb was about t...
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Tina Chou, Margie Hunt, and Naz Babapour are the three women Co-Founders behind Soochi Drinks, the functional beverage company from Cohort A. We recently sat down with Tina and Margie to get to know the founders a little more....
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