Why the time is right for Sprout and New Zealand agritech?

One of the questions we often get asked at Sprout is 'why now?'...why is it the right time for New Zealand to display its leadership in agritech investment.  This question isn't asked with an attitude of doubt, but instead a desire to understand the global landscape and why it's important for New Zealand to put the accelerator down (excuse the pun) on getting more innovation into startups and out to the global market.

Here is just one reason, this week Agfunder, a leading provider of insights into agritech venture investment, posted it's 2015 half year venture investment report.  The results are astonishing in terms of the growth of investment into agritech around the world.  Two key points we would like to draw the agritech community to in New Zealand:

  1. New Zealand DID NOT register anywhere in the top 10 countries who have invested in Agritech ventures in the last six months.  Countries in the top 10 included: United States, Israel, China, India, Canada, Sweden, Germany...just to name some.  We have one of the most successful agri export economies yet we still don't register as leaders in new innovation.  
  2. A new agritech accelerator founded in the USA called Yield Lab, had it's first deals registered as investments in Agfunder

The key points we believe are; the time is right to build momentum in New Zealand investment into agritech, and Sprout can be our first foot forward to demonstrating our leadership in agritech.

You can access the report here: Agfunder Report