Cohort B


Meet the Founders - Momojo

October 12, 2021
Originally hailing from the mountainous regions that divide Asia and Europe, the history of kefir dates back many centuries, having been traditionally used by both the Tibetan and Caucasian cultures. The word kefir comes from a Turkish word ‘keyif,’ which translates...
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Meet the Founders - ProTag

October 5, 2021
“It allows the farmer to relax, with the understanding that the technology is going to do its job properly.” Meet Baden Parr and Tyrel Glass, the two Massey PHD students behind new smart cattle tracker ProTag.  Protag is one of the eleven AgTech and FoodTech st...
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“The world is facing a number of challenges right now, with climate change and food security being two major concerns. If we can help reduce the impact, that would be really cool!” Meet Lauren Oehme and Leon Power, the Taranaki couple behind Nanobubble Agritech, provider...
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Meet the Founder - Borage & Bee

September 21, 2021
“It’s incredible to see this drink, which has been around for so many years, be made relevant and cool again. Updated to suit the 21st-century consumer”.  Meet Chanelle O’Sullivan, founder of boutique meadery Borage and Bee, whose collection of session meads tel...
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Meet the Founder - Bovonic

September 8, 2021
“With our product, we have the user in mind, we focus on what the farmer actually needs and wants”. Meet Bovonic, the AgTech company looking to revolutionise how dairy farmers control and defeat disease, through diagnostic platform QuadSense. Here we chat with founder Li...
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“Kiwis are becoming more conscious about the way they eat and how their lifestyle impacts the environment around them; especially with growing awareness on climate change, sustainability, and the effects of biodiversity - not only on our health but also on animals and the ...
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Meet the Founders: Split

August 24, 2021
“We wanted to provide another investment class that Kiwis could access; but not just rich Kiwis, all Kiwis”.  Meet Gabriel Dykes and Alex Thompson, two University of Otago students making it easy for Kiwis to invest in the horticulture sector, through new online inv...
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Meet the Founders: Hivesite

August 16, 2021
Meet the team behind Hivesite, Vijay Prema, Gareth Bell, James Emslie and Alistair Bell, four  AgTech innovators who are helping New Zealand beekeepers alleviate one of their biggest challenges, the fight against the varroa mite.  The concept behind Hivesite was de...
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Meet The Founder: Ralf Klis

August 11, 2021
Introducing Mussel Farm Application, the brainchild of co-founders Ralf Klis and Lucas Tracewski, and one of the AgTech start-ups joining our Sprout Accelerator 2021 Cohort B intake.  Here we catch up with Ralf to discuss all things Mussel Farming Application - where th...
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It wasn't an easy day at the office when it came to selecting Cohort B for our 2021 Accelerator year. However, we've identified 12 companies, one of our biggest cohorts to date, to put through our intensive three month Accelerator.These companies are tackling everything...
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