Peer to Peer learning a hit with cohort

Peer to peer learning is the next frontier of educating and preparing entrepreneurs and founding teams for growing their businesses. 

Inspired by the work of the Source Institute, an organisation that creates programmes for Peer to Peer learning for technology entrepreneurs, Sprout is integrating some of their ideas into the programme. 

At the block course this weekend in Queenstown it involved two specific elements:

  • Sprout Alumni presenting to the cohort about their learnings. Those alumni were Andrew Humphries, CEO & Founder of Agritrack, and Matt Ryan, CEO & Founder of Logiclabs.
  • Cross team work: Instead of spending time applying the course work to their own company, the teams spent time applying it to another company in the cohort.  

People connect with stories of those who have been before them. All of the cohort took the most out of hearing from those who have been there and done that.

Andrew has moved a long way since completing the first Sprout course and was able to talk about how to get the most out of the programme, how to deal with scale challenges like hiring people, organising supply chain and getting the business administration in order.  The companies loved it.

Sprout cohort Queenstown

On the cross team work, we included two exercises in the programme - one focused on intellectual property and the other focused on product strategy. Both these exercises encouraged a founding team to take the principles from the block course session and apply it to another company in the cohort, instead of just thinking about it for their own company. 

These exercises have a massive impact. 

They allow entrepreneurs to get out of their often cloudy mindset and biases of their own business and apply clear thinking to some one else's business. By exercising the brain like this, the founding teams are then able to approach their business with a heightened sense of clarity about how to apply these principals to their own business. As well as this, the insights from the receiving team are grown because they are giving objective views and advice about their business.

We are super excited to continue to explore the opportunities of Peer to Peer learning in accelerators and encourage other start-up programmes to utilise and create some techniques of their own.