Meet the Sprout Selection Committee

At the heart of Sprout’s ethos is the pillar of community. We see great advantages and opportunities for entrepreneurs to work remotely, in their home patch, while participating in the 20-week programme. This allows regional economic groups to work alongside the entrepreneurs, as well as the Sprout team, to help develop their idea, business model and as individuals. By doing this, entrepreneurs are contributing to the development of their communities.

With this ethos in mind our Selection Committee come from varying communities across the country, both geographically and across different sectors - all with an interest in growing New Zealand's agritech community. Each bring a unique view and value to the programme.

Let us introduce you to the 2015 Sprout Selection Committee:

    Alex Wong; Investment Manager, NZTE

    Anastacia Harlen; Education Project Manager, NZ Young Farmers

    Bill Murphy; Executive Director, Enterprise Angels

    Dion Cawood; Innovation & Transformation Advisor, LIC

    Emma Blott; General Manager, Science and technology, Fonterra

    Mark Harris; Marketing Manager, Gallagher

    Mike Hanna; Investment Manager, NZTE

    Stephen McPhail; Investment Manager, BCC

The Sprout team have narrowed down the applications from 55 to 22 and each of these entrepreneurs will progress through to a 20-minute interview with our selection committee on the 27 – 28 October, in Palmerston North. From this process the top eight will be selected and announced early November.

The journey to find our first Sprout superstar has begun!