Sprout opens up global agritech capital, expertise and customer networks to agritech start-ups

For the 2016/17 Sprout programme we wanted to continue to push the envelope on increasing the speed in which agritech start-ups in New Zealand, and other regions of the world, could access the capital, expertise and customer networks they need to grow quickly. 

Over the course of the last two years we have developed relationships and shared knowledge and networks with a number of the pioneering agritech accelerators.

We’ve worked with a number of the accelerators to start to put a network together to help start-ups. The network is growing quickly, but as it stands we are working closely with:

  • Thrive, Salinas Valley, California
    • Investor involvement includes: SVForum
    • Corporate partners include: Land O Lakes, Taylor Farms, Western Growers
  • AgLaunch, Tennessee
    • Investor involvement includes: Syngenta, Cultivian Sandbox
    • Corporate partners include: Oxbow Agriculture, Midsouth Family Farms
  • Yield Lab, St Louis
    • Investor involvement includes:  Cultivian Capital, Prolog Ventures
  • SproutX, Melbourne, Australia
    • Investor involvement includes: Artesian Ventures
    • Corporate partners include: Coles, Findex, Bosch, Observant
  • FS6, California
    • Corporate partners include: Orange, Food Crunch, Fish 2.0

This network has agreed to provide the following to its respective start-ups:

  • An opportunity to get connected with the corporate partner networks of our respective accelerators
  • Direct connections with investors supporting the respective accelerators
  • Potential for mentorship and access to experts who can provide a geographically specific context for their market validation and go-to-market strategy development.

Already we have used the network to connect start-ups to potential soft-landings in different regions around the world.

Stay tuned as we share more about the agritech accelerator network and how it has changed the trajectory of agritech start-ups around the world.