Sprout Entrepreneur Spotlight - Bee'z Thingz

Software that enables apiary managers and beekeepers to remotely monitor yield and hive health has been named one of eight start-ups selected to take part in the inaugural Sprout agritech business accelerator programme.

Mangere Bridge duo Julian McCurdy and Peter Bennett set up Beez Thingz using technology to develop a platform for hive management so a network of kept bees could be accessed by everyone in the industry.

Sprout Programme Manager James Bell-Booth says the selection committee was impressed by McCurdy and Bennett’s commitment to creating a community dedicated to the wellbeing of New Zealand’s bees.

“Globally, there’s growing awareness of the risks the bee population faces, and Beez Thingz is attempting to mitigate this by creating a network of kept bees using modern technology, while also acting as a reliable source on all aspects of bee health,” says Bell-Booth.

Meet Bee'z Thing'z in our video: