Air New Zealand joins the Sprout Community

Sprout is excited to annouce Air New Zealand as a Corporate Partner for Sprout. Air New Zealand plays a huge role in allowing business people and entreprenuers to get in front of customers and build new opportunities for everyday kiwis.

Sprout is focused on encouraging agritech entreprenuers to develop global businesses from anywhere - Auckland or Ashburton. Technological innovation today means there is no reason not to think globally from day one about a new business idea. There comes a point though, where 'being there is everything'.  And for this, Air New Zealand connects kiwis to locations all over the world.

During the Sprout programme, the Sprout team and companies will be travelling around New Zealand to learn about customers in different regions and create potential partnerships with other businesses. Air New Zealand is assisting us to make this travel possible, with a hope that these start-ups will soon be travelling the world showcasing New Zealand agritech to global customers.

Thanks Air New Zealand - we look forward to seeing our companies take on the world with your help.